‘Assertive Play’ might be the way to describe the energy of this Leo Full Moon (10:17 PM PST at 10 Leo 14), with a conjunction to Mars and a sesquiquadrate to Uranus being the only aspects making close (less than two degrees) contact to the Earth/Moon combination. The energy of ego, action, assertion, and anger touches the Moon/ Earth and fires the culmination energy of a Full Moon with the urge to ‘get it all out,’ expressed through the ‘I am’ of Mars and Leo. The sesquiquadrate to Uranus suggests the individuality and rebellious urges must adjust to the ego and identity needs; the group needs must adjust as well, as the individual makes it clear to the group just what she or he will or won’t do. It’s a show-down of sorts, whether that involves a response to group demands or pressures, or a need to express one’s Will in no uncertain terms, even if this only involves an internal resolution–no one comes out from under the energy of the Full Moon without making a statement.

The Sabian for the Full Moon supplies some interesting imagery that clues us in to the possibility that this Self- expression doesn’t have to be grim or angry, that in fact it may only succeed if we take a lighter approach. ‘Children Play on a Swing Hanging From the Branches of a Huge Oak Tree’ The children, of course, are the human element in this, representing ourselves, but the symbol on which they play is the oak, a type of tree that has across cultures represented the concept of strength–the Latin robur means both ‘oak’ and ‘strength,’ showing how closely aligned the concepts sometimes are, and Pliny the Elder equated the Greek word for oak, drus, with the word Druid, the result of which was that Druids were deemed ‘Oak-Men,’ in spite of the fact that this isn’t necessarily the way the Druids described themselves. This may imply that each of us will be able to express due to the strong framework we’ve built that contains our world and offers stability–and that those who haven’t created such a life structure may hesitate to express, play, and make the Self-statement they are inclined to, thus short-circuiting what they could gain from the Full Moon energy.

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