The interesting parts of today revolve around patterns of energy, specific interactions that may operate subtly, but will be what’s driving a lot of the action. The first involves the Nodes (with Mercury to the North Node), Pallas, and Sedna in a Mystic Rectangle. This promises a sense of fatedness around communications that seems wise (as in, it’s the wise inclination to follow the info we receive) and yet we will be unable to actually pinpoint what the influence is and how it’s affecting us. It’s a little like being buoyed along on a current that seems very fortuitous but the causes of which we just don’t grasp. If this is your experience it’s one of those times when relaxing and enjoying the ride is not just appropriate, it’s the smart thing to do.

There’s a second Mystic Rectangle, as well, that is really just forming, and will be much tighter in coming days as the Sun and Earth move forward. Besides the Sun/ Earth axis, this Rectangle involves Venus and Mars (conjunct the Sun and Earth, respectively), Zeus, and Juno. This definitely brings out the productive, profitable, and Self-expressive energies and targets them firmly in the direction of empowerment. This combination is likely to be the most conscious, and the dynamic most easily observed in others. There may be a tendency to identify with just one part of the Rectangle; for instance, everything for you may be above board and very much about yourself and relationships (Sun/ Venus), while you may see others as being aggressive and materialistic (Earth/ Mars) yet both parties are seeking empowerment and elevation (Juno, Zeus). Try to embrace all the involved energies in a positive form (for example, utilize Mars to get moving, and Venus to love, or seek and give reward), and judge what occurs in a spirit of inclusion, recognizing that what you see in others in also within you.

The final configuration for today is a Fist of God, apex Vesta, with sesquiquadrates to Mercury and Juno. This promises tension and a need to resolve communication and power issues by following your own highest standards. It’s a little bit like walking a tightrope, dealing with some strong empowerment and expression needs and still not violating the ideals of your ‘Best Self.’ This is an opportunity to make an effective and potent statement about who you are, and who you’re willing to be, giving all the chance to touch base with some of our most important moral, ethical, and material standards.

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