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For the 14th, the Pisces Moon hits Venus in Pisces (how perfect for Valentine’s Day!) and at the same time sextiles Pluto (how characteristic of love itself, exploring and exposing all our deepest deepness!) This suggests that with openness we will know where we stand with love, as well as with other Venusian subjects such as relationships in general, finances, assets, and talents, and that what we see or what is presented to us reflects the core reality of those Venusian situations. We would be wise to heed what we feel (and to pay special attention to the feelings events bring to the surface), and we should make every effort to match those feelings we experience to actual ‘testimony’ in the real world; by that I mean, if your feelings, particularly in relationship, don’t match the feedback you’re getting, then it’s time to look squarely at the reality of the situation these apply to. For instance, you spend three hours getting ready for the big Valentine date, anticipating that this is the Big Night–you’re sure he’s in love, he’s going to propose, or at least ask you to move in with him–after all, he shows up and stays over two or three nights a week, and yeah he comes by pretty late, but he works really hard (and yet you’re not entirely sure at what); meanwhile, for your date he’s four hours late, with no explanation as to why, says you missed your reservation so will just grab some fast food, then right in the middle of his McJunk he gets a phone call and says he has to go–where should he drop you off? Today is the day when you should not let your ideas about the relationship (he loves me! he’s going to propose!) override the reality of it (he’s inconsiderate, disrespectful, and treats you like a booty call). 

A conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter (around 5 PM PST) makes the feelings BIG, really BIG, and may give a tendency to project what’s personal onto society at large. If you experience strong negative reaction around this time, look for the individual displacement of emotion that may be occurring; anger at an expansive social entity could be an outlet (both ineffective, and covering a real hurt you would be better off being aware of) for what’s really bothering you. A semi-sextile of the Moon and Jupiter to Mercury at this point means we’ll likely let everyone know what’s on our emotional minds, so those who hope to keep secrets, especially the love kind (Venus-Pluto) will not keep them for long. 

The Moon and Cancer, detail of the Ducal Palace, Venice, photo by, and many thanks to, Giovanni Dall'Orto

By 7 AM PST of the 15th we’ve got the Pisces Moon quincunx Zeus, showing us the emotional cost of going full-tilt toward our ambitions and desires (for more on Zeus as a major significator of male energies and issues, see the Winter issue of ECLIPSE magazine http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/eclipse-in-depth-astrology-for-the-21st-century/). This may bring us up short emotionally, leaving us a little unsteady and searching for our emotional footing in key matters of energy use and productivity. 

A Grand Trine of the Moon to the South Node and Pallas, simultaneous to her sextile to Sedna (9 PM PST) says that we may look to the past and past experience to get our emotional bearings, drawn on our emotional wisdom, but without success–Sedna makes it impossible to draw on memory cogently at this point, though with any luck we may retain the objective awareness of what is considered ‘wise’ in this instance. Then the Moon squares Ceres, and we’re confronted with the emotional repercussions of either dealing with authority, exercise of our own authority, or both, and negotiation, though reasonable, may not feel like an effective way out of the conflict. Taken together, these indicate an experience that’s unsettling emotionally, and that challenges us to both remain calm in the moment, and to not react from old, reactionary beliefs about authority and its usage we may carry around. 

5 AM PST on the 16th the Moon meets Uranus, for a surprise, a spark of Higher Mind awareness, or a moment of emotional anarchy–again, we may be tempted to project this feeling onto the Collective (via Pisces), or we may have the emotional reaction through a Collective experience–in any case, stay alert, and don’t take any shock too personally, even if it presents itself so. 

Sending Valentine Love to all my Readers–Thank You, especially for your generous support of my latest venture (ECLIPSE magazine, link above)–and a Very Happy Pisces Moon to You All!