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The day starts PST with that Moon/ Uranus conjunction in Pisces (6:31 AM the contact becomes exact), and as I said previously, look “for a surprise, a spark of Higher Mind awareness, or a moment of emotional anarchy–we may be tempted to project this feeling onto the Collective (via Pisces), or we may have the emotional reaction through a Collective experience–in any case, stay alert, and don’t take any shock too personally, even if it presents itself so.” This can get the day off on the wrong foot for West Coasters, if we prefer steady balance to spontaneity, and for those who are in any way tired or tense, this can be a very trying influence–and one that may cause upset that plagues the mental processes for the remainder of the day (or at least until the Void). For others it can sweep in like an ill wind mid-day, knocking us over with the unexpected, and throwing us out of sorts for what feels like no real reason. For some, it will bring the uniting of the emotional perceptions and what we may see as a spark of genius–nurture this with care, as time will tell whether this is of real worth, and it’s up to us to foster the idea long enough to give it a chance to (possibly) bloom.

9 AM PST the Moon quincunxes the Earth and reality and material circumstances make themselves felt, and we should pay attention to what our emotional reactions to the physical reality reveals; just after noon PST the Moon moves on to quincunx Vesta at 29 degrees, bringing an emotional situation that asks us to measure how effectively we are living our deepest values, honoring what’s sacred to us, supporting the home situation, and perhaps asking how and whether the sex life is serving the emotional needs–a big task if we have strayed of late from what really matters, but one that must be sorted out, with both bodies at 29 degrees.

An 18th century depiction of the Icelandic god Tyr, here associated with Aries' ruler Mars

And now we face the question of just when the Void begins on the 16th. Some will see the Void beginning as the Moon moves away from conjunction to Uranus, while those who accept quincunxes as a major aspect and who use the Earth will look for the end of that aspect, while those who include the asteroids in all chart functions may see the end of the aspect to Vesta as the start of what amounts to a brief Void. In any case, the Moon enters Aries at 4:30 PM PST, and by 10:30 PM we see the Moon trine Mars and opposed Saturn, and soon after squaring Pluto. This takes the energy of the early Aries Moon, that brings a healthy (in most people) Self interest to the fore, and presents us with the problems that ‘me first’ energy has created. It seems we will be confident in our actions, and this will carry resistance from authority or a headlong run-in with the rules, with problems of the destructive, secret, or change kind arriving hot on the heels of our assertive decisions. It’s an energy influence that we’d best handle consciously and carefully, putting the concerns of others on equal footing with our own, if only to avoid our own overreaching, that could bring a bit of an ‘ager backlash’ as a result.

A semi-sextile of the Aries Moon to the exact Venus/ Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in the 6 AM hour PST of the 17th brings forward the ways in which we actively love–a lovely way to start the new day for West Coasters, and a pleasant injection to the day for everyone else, bringing love to consciousness that throws us back on ourselves and reminding what’s most important to us in an effective, moving, and enlightening way.

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