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The Virgo Full Moon occurs on February 28th at 8:36 AM PST at 9 Virgo 58. Full Moons typically bring culmination of energy expression related to the matters of the natal House where they land for each individual, and we have a clue about the conclusions we may reach in the Moon/ Earth conjunction quintile Pallas in Scorpio. It’s the only aspect, other than an opposition to Jupiter, which is conjunct the Sun within 11 minutes of exactitude; the opposition, thanks to Jupiter, amplifies the Full Moon, exaggerating the power of the Sun which, of course, provides the reflected light that ‘powers’ the Moon’s shine (See ‘What You Won’t See on the Blog’ for February’s Full Moon in the Winter issue of ECLIPSE for more on Jupiter’s role http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/eclipse-in-depth-astrology-for-the-21st-century/

I would describe the quintile as ‘the spark of genius’ aspect; in the individual chart it seems to suggest something acutely perceptive and well-developed linked to the combining of the energies involved. In the mundane or event chart, it may imply we are all temporarily infused with the qualities of the energy in aspect to the Moon, in this case, the wise guidance, the knowledge and skills, of Pallas Athena. In Scorpio she uses her wisdom to sound the depths, to understand secrets and what lies below the surface, to take the old and make it new again (she is, I think, the goddess of re-cycling, when in Scorpio!) and she is representative of the exercise of commerce, business at its most practical (and in Scorp, likely the goddess of hostile takeovers and forensic accounting, the ‘slick deal,’ the business that hides something, such as the noodle shop that launders mob cash), as well as the exercise of our learned and practiced skills–not our talents, necessarily, but those skills we can adeptly and consistently employ (those things we can reliably call on, the abilities we could fill in our Universal Job Application with).

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These Pallas qualities can be applied to endings and conclusions offered by the Full Moon; our investment in matters of the House where this falls for each of us will bring us our end result, whether reward, wrap-up, or termination of the matter. The Sabian symbol for this degree (found here http://www.cafeastrology.com/sabiansymbols_degreemeanings.html) is itself mysterious: ‘Two Heads Looking Out Beyond the Shadows’ What could this mean?

The duality included in the image is intriguing; we don’t often consider that every sign is in effect a duality, not just those that feature their dual nature up front (such as Gemini and Libra). ‘Two Heads’ –well, we’ve all heard that’s better than one–to me this implies the intelligence of unity, whether that’s among colleagues or the co-operative, or within the individual–so in essence, this may be a symbol of the acceptance of the duality of Oneness, with an emphasis on the way this can encompass opposing points of view or interests.

‘Looking Out Beyond the Shadows’ suggests far-sight, and the ability to see past any darkness that may surround us. Considering the quintile the Full Moon makes to Pallas, what we may be seeing in this image is a reflection of Pallas in Scorpio’s qualities, their ‘genius,’ applied to the events of the Full Moon. The image contains symbolisms appropriate to Pallas: intelligence, and  far-sight and the ability to see past human or earthly shadows (Pallas’ ability to guide wisely). What we are offered, then, is intelligence and wisdom applied to our Full Moon conclusions; this suggests that whatever occurs is ultimately the wisest outcome–there may be excavations, secrets revealed, changes and transformations, but in the end, the Universe is offering us a big dose of her wisdom, her smarts, her most divine expression, a Virgo Full Moon accounting–we need to accept and try to understand whatever comes forward as, ultimately, the best outcome for all.

Song for the Full Moon: Joni Mitchell’s ‘Twisted’

Further Reading: on the quintile, the ‘Golden Section,’ the Fifth Harmonic, and the connection to Venus, Erin Sullivan’s ‘RETROGRADE PLANETS: Traversing the Inner Landscape,’ section entitled, ‘Venus, Dual Goddess’

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