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Jean Lecomte du Nouy 1842-1923 A Eunuch’s Dream {{PD-Art}} Wikimedia Commons

I’m back with another set of search terms found in my stats; sometimes illuminating, sometimes creepy, puzzling, or weird, and sometimes confusing. I bring you the best of them.

dream interpretation of marrying yourself

Shorthand for this would be, perhaps, Oneness, a unity of spirit, the resolution of some internal schism, or making a commitment to honor and care for yourself–all excellent, so the dream is likely an indicator of superior internal (mental, emotional, and spiritual) health. In the natal chart we might see dreams like this when either we have been facing an internal divide, typically between ideals and values (Vesta, Neptune, Venus) v. what our external world, the group, or our role, calls for (Sun, Jupiter, Uranus), with one in one set making hard contact (conjunction, square, quincunx, opposition) to one in the other set, though there are a number of other players that, under the right circumstances (sign or House placement, or natal relationship to a stellium or other complex) would fit the bill; or we may see this kind of dream when one’s attitude toward oneself changes significantly for the better (potentially shown in the chart by Solar Arc contact to the Sun or chart ruler, or contact from a transiting body such as Pluto), and likely triggered as the Moon transits the 12th House, or contacts Neptune.

dream symbol Solar eclipse

This seems a warning, and a call for questions: are you being eclipsed in some sense, with someone or something ‘blocking your light’ symbolically? Is someone coming between you and your material needs or goals, your prosperity, your sense of groundedness and reality, and secondarily, might they be using emotional manipulation to do it (the scenario of Moon coming between Earth and Sun)? Are your own emotions blocking the connection of Soul and Material Purposes (represented in the chart by the Sun/ Earth axis)? Are you being kept from enjoying your chance to shine? There is the chance that you may be observing someone or something else in the life being eclipsed, but this is likely only if there are other aspects of the dream (perhaps you are riding as a passenger on a bus when you witness the event, or are gathered with others in a crowd, and all are pointing and commenting). Certainly this is a dream image that calls for Self-questioning, and the courage to see what you may not, to this point, have acknowledged or admitted.

when the eye is very badle blood shot

Not astrologically oriented, really, but I loved the spelling, which made me think someone had Googled from the Middle Ages. All I can say is, maybe something very Arian, or Neptunian, happened the night before.

mercury retrograde + people don’t mean what they say

Putting it this way is really wishful thinking, because there’s no reason someone wouldn’t mean what they say during Merc retro; what you’re thinking about, though, may be the tendency people have to later regret or otherwise wish they could take back what’s pronounced when the Trickster’s at work. So, it’s really something the speaker must conclude after the retrograde is over, not something we as listeners should count on to negate something we’d rather not hear spoken during Mercury’s backward motion.

his Juno on my Ascendant

If you’re looking to partner with a guy whose Juno falls on your Ascendant, then this is pretty good news: the way you present yourself is just what he’s looking for. Trouble comes if the way you present yourself is considerably at odds with your most characteristic energies, for example, if your Ascendant is in Capricorn but your Sun is in Cancer, the essence of who you are may vary wildly from who you seem to be on first meeting. Whether this works out well in the end is a question of many other chart interactions, but with his Juno on your Ascendant you’re off to a good start.

Aries Moon in child’s natal chart

Though it’s a time honored tradition in many cultures to draw a horoscope at a child’s birth, I no longer work with children’s charts except in very special cases. My feeling is (and I’ve observed this often) that when we introduce the chart to the parent (and the parent likely has some astrological knowledge or they wouldn’t have sought out a chart in the first place) there is too strong a tendency to read the chart and then read those traits they think they see into the child. I feel it puts a filter on a parent’s perceptions that shouldn’t be there, not if they want to meet their child with an openness to who they are, and a fresh perspective that doesn’t search for or attempt to squash what they feel is negative, or superimpose something they see as positive that may be astrologically recessive, or take a form other than the one the parent visualizes. But, by about the time the child turns fifteen, I would urge every parent to have a look at that chart, especially with the guidance of a competent astrologer who is versed in child development–it can answer a lot of questions, and explain some mysteries, right at the time when the parent needs a little more perspective, and the child needs a little more understanding, in order to collaborate successfully.

location of starry mirror

I have no idea, but when you find it, please let me know.

young boys sleeping nude/ ‘dark of the moon’ nudity

These two searches came up within days of each other, and I found it unsettling that anyone was looking for anything on young boys etc. I don’t have any idea how the first search came to my site, but the second is obviously connected to the Dark of the Moon, those three days preceding the New Moon (conjunction of Sun and Moon) that begins a new lunar month. The Dark period is one for retreat, contemplation, meditation, and a pull-back from action–but associated with nudity? Maybe, if we see the turning inward called for by the period as one of spiritual nakedness, wherein we put aside our social trappings in favor of personal, bare-souled introspection. But, are we more prone to take our clothes off? I have no idea!

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