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By 8 PM PDT the Gemini Moon at mid-sign squares Jupiter (the US vote for health care reform, conflict out in the open, social change) kicks off our Moon reporting period; at a personal level this makes for a desire to make social contact, or create a social encounter, even though not everyone will be receptive to overtures. Midnight comes and the Moon quincunxes the North Node, and emotions and intuitions adjust to the life direction–it becomes a re-orientation to the real, a ‘back to everyday life’ time after the social outreach of the Jupiter contact–and we head into Monday, and our week begins.

And what are we faced with by 2 AM PDT? The Moon’s sextile to Venus, bringing our attention gently but firmly to relationships, talents, and or finances–it’s a moment when we must see our position clearly, in order to respond appropriately–over- or underestimation will cause us to respond (as response is the key with the talking, communicating, networking, conversing Gemini Moon) in a way that sabotages what can be a leap forward in fortune or relationship. 9 AM brings a sextile to Vesta, reminding us to align our actions and emotional perceptions with our most important values.

4 PM PDT and the Moon squares Uranus, and we have a choice: we can feel emotional upheaval internally, focused on thwarted expression of our individuality, or we can send that emotional laser into the group and train our discontent there. In either case we’ll have some gripes; how we handle them will likely involve some talk–just make sure yours is productive and not used as a weapon (with Mercury now in Aries the temptation may be to sharpen the tongue and use it as a sword! Emotionally satisfying but it’ll leave havoc in its wake, so better not).

By 6 PM PDT we have a trine to Neptune followed an hour later by one to Chiron. This brings the emotions into harmony, but with what? For some the ideals will inspire and skills will quickly follow; for others delusion beckons and hurt is its inevitable companion. So, this is how you’ll know whether you’re effectively following the ideals: if it hurts, it’s not an ideal, but an illusion, where you may be telling yourself a less-than-truthful version of what’s going on. Course correct, as you can accomplish modifications easily now.

8:41 PM PDT on the 22nd the Moon enters the Void, encouraging us to relax and perhaps meditate (in whatever form we like) on the Moon’s trip through Gemini. It likely left us with a few exchanges or conversations to consider, and we may need to wait until the Moon enters Cancer (11:15 PM PDT) before we see the implications of the previous Moon period.

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