Weekend before last we were awakened by what sounded like someone machine-gun rapid hitting something metal. At first we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from; then we discovered the brilliant red slashed woodpecker that mistook our metal chimney flue for a place to scout for lady friends. It seems woodpeckers like to find a high place, clear of trees, that affords a view of the surrounding area, and batter away; it amounts to taking out an ad: I’m vital, I’m available, and I’m doing my best to let you know–and I’ve got some pretty sweet territory here, too!


This went on for only a couple of days (and that’s good–for how long could I have kept jumping up and running out each time the rat-a-tat began, shouting ‘Knock it off!’ or ‘Boo!’ or some other eloquent woodpecker-repelling phrase?) And then yesterday, as I sat drinking coffee and watching the show around my new birdbath, I saw Squire Woody and girlfriend, apparently searching for a nesting spot; they seemed to like a copse of trees just to one side of the garden area planted to attract hummingbirds, butterflys, and bees. It was a wonderful surprise to see the next step in the story; with any luck I may get a glimpse of their eventual family, as well (the illustration shows two males together, very avant garde; my birds were one saucy red-topped male, one brown speckled female in her best protective feathering).


It actually happened almost two weeks ago, but this blog celebrated its second birthday. Having a late Pisces baby might seem tough on a Libra like me, but it all works out: the blog Sun forms a Finger of God with my Neptune sextile Pluto, opposes out-of-sign my Mercury, and is within conjunction range of my Pisces Moon, making it a good emotional and communication outlet–go figure!


Don’t know if anyone noticed, but I ‘lost’ a huge section of the Full Moon forecast–the top three paragraphs disappeared, and are unrecoverable. They talked about the atmosphere leading up to the Full Moon–guess we’ll just have to go without 🙂


So, as you can see, even though we’ve got two days until April Fool’s Day, I’m taking inventory now. My sense is that the coming days will be oddities, in a way, with influences popping forward and falling back just as quickly, and much of our receptivity will be keyed to the natal picture. These are the things that might show consistently for most: with Chiron as body of latest degree (except for the brief period it’s overtaken by Venus), at 29 degrees by the 31st, we may be operating in an unusual mode, one minute deeply hurt, the next showing a super-skilled response; Venus will move from Aries to Taurus, stressing inventory-taking, first for action in relationships (the Aries factor) then for material accountability (Taurus); communications will be prominent, too, particularly with Merc’s sextile to Neptune with Uranus at the midpoint–the suddeness of shifts, surprises that seem out of nowhere, while  fantasies and delusions are for some as real as they come, and we may be able to rationalize just about anything. 5:41 AM PDT on the 31st the Moon moves into Scorpio, but I think it may only make the feeling of moving about each in our own mental cocoon even worse–the sense of stress, and ‘distance,’ in some form, from reality is the overriding atmosphere. This could be highly creative for some, if they can keep from being sidetracked, and if their natal Saturn or creative-connected energies are receiving some support at present from transits.

See the April forecast in the current issue of ‘ECLIPSE’ http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/eclipse-in-depth-astrology-for-the-21st-century/

And yes, I do know that the title of this blog could apply to me, rather than to an action–just having fun!  Have a great one!