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Jupiter und Antiope by Franz Anton Maulbertsch 1780

The start of the day, at least for West Coasters, sees the Moon mid-Scorpio, ready to sextile the North Node, then trine Jupiter; that’s offering a surge of energy buoyed by emotion–we can get a lot done, whether we’re inspired or acting out of a need to uncover, find out, push forward that can reach dysfunctional proportions. We shouldn’t thumb our noses at the ‘whys’ behind our actions, though, as the result is the same whether we’re aware of our motivations or not: massive amounts of work well done, a strong sense of having accomplished, and a solid chance to alleviate any guilt we may be carrying (a Scorpio Moon can see us make the most of what we might otherwise consider negative). This influence lasts well into afternoon PDT–use it!

By 4 PM PDT the Moon comes into range of opposing Juno and Sedna, and conjuncting Pallas, and this effect lasts until about 9 PM. The influence is one we literally can’t discern, but that is active nonetheless. The general thrust is that our emotions will offer wise guidance; follow them and we can’t go wrong. The challenge is that we may not know how we feel! The problem will be one of empowerment; we may not recognize what may be empowering to us, may not see the ways others are empowered and how that affects us, and we may come up short as we fail to realize that we are being driven to find a path that makes us feel empowered–and this latter can lead us in the wrong direction, as we seek to feel powerful no matter what; we may also be prone to project problems and the ability to make a difference onto the partner. What we need to recognize is that everyone within the situation is being driven by the same thing, the need to feel they are in charge of their own choices, to be respected, and to feel effective within the scenario presented. Keeping this in mind will help make the energies more conscious and will help us understand what’s behind our own and others’ choices–and that means we can head off trouble at the pass.

Empowerment issues will only be muddled by today’s perfection of the Earth/ Zeus conjunction, which blends the material and the ambitions and Will into one indistinguishable mass. We may invest the physical, possessions, and getting our way with far too much importance, and could easily confuse changes to the material situation with an assault on ourselves. Take a step back from material changes before reacting; the Scorp Moon could easily attach hidden emotional upset about other things to this situation, so remain aware of the possibilities.

By 4 AM on the 2nd the Scorpio Moon is within orb of a square to Neptune and a trine to Uranus, suggesting that, though we can draw deep to make the original move, to create, to educate, we must discern upon what our inspiration is based: ideals, imagination, or delusion? Knowing the difference can make the square of the Moon to Chiron that follows (around 8 AM PDT) a celebration of skills brought forward, rather than a recoiling from hurt over pursuing a mirage. At 29 degrees Chiron is, on the one hand, not fooling around; on the other, though, it can feel like the energy is really doing a number on us, feinting and jabbing, as our own unique primal wound gets repeatedly poked.

 The Void begins at 8:21 AM PDT on April 2nd; Moon enters Sagittarius (9:52 AM PDT) and immediately quincunxes Mercury and sextiles Saturn, all at 00 of their respective signs. This can be an awkward combination, as the urge to reach out and commune and communicate is strong but raw–success depends on how much Self-discipline we are willing to apply to the outreach and how much maturity with which we’re willing to invest our communications. Restraint is the ideal.

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