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Galileo's Phases of the Moon 1616 {{PD}}

The 13th is prime Dark of the Moon–relax–we’re working up to the New Moon on April 14th at 5:28 AM PDT at 24 Aries 27. Sticking to our strict 2 degree rule in order to draw a precise picture of the influences of the New Moon, we are once again *sigh* left with nothing striking to work with (but frankly, in my opinion, that only signals a pure light from the Moon, with little else that might interfere). We can make a small exception, as a trine to Vesta at 21 Aries 51 draws attention and seems compelling, if only because a single aspect can make strong testimony in a sky that otherwise gives the meeting of Sun and Moon wide berth, leaving the energy as is.

The New Moon and Vesta trine each other, from Fire to Fire, and this suggests the gift of a spirited and determined energy that allows us to choose and to act (Aries) concerning those things that are most sacred to us, on the home life, and on all intimate communion (Vesta), and this done in a way that is most characteristic of the Soul (Leo). Since the New Moon is a time of beginnings, it follows that the energies we honor most should and will be put in motion at this time–choose according to the Will (Aries) and make choices that honor those things we wish to dedicate our lives to–it calls for nothing less than this.

The Sabian for the New Moon degree is ‘The Possibility for Man to Gain Experience at Two Levels of Being’ http://www.cafeastrology.com/sabiansymbols_degreemeanings.html There are other versions of this symbol, specifically ‘A Double Promise Reveals Its Inner and Outer Meanings’ but all speak of the duality of possibility that is presented with this New Moon energy, and this implies not just Self-generated choice, as noted with the Aries placement, but that the experiences initiated will contain multiple meanings, and that these will hold that sacred Vesta energy in the form of a covenant (the promise spoken of). The gift of the New Moon in Aries, then, is the gift of significance beyond the conscious choices of our Will, choices that will serve the sacred in ways we may not know at the time they’re made.

I wrote the body of this post, but had the strangest feeling–did I use the wrong Sabian, forget something, what? So I started to look around, and found this by Diane http://libraseekingbalance.com/archives/2646 that talks about double checking what you do. But I’ve got to admit, even after triple checking I feel like I’ve done something wrong. The only other thing I noticed in the chart may really be the heart of the feeling, though: the Part of Fortune for the New Moon chart is exactly semi-sextile the Sun-Moon conjunction, and this jogged something from a long-ago memory, a suggestion that the Part of Fortune in event charts in close aspect to something relevant signals meaning, a fatedness, something ‘special,’ somehow, to what will occur. Perhaps this adds weight to our New Moon choices, if we know they may ripple out into our future, and be even more important than we can imagine.

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