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Let’s start a little before the 12th begins my time, as around 11 PM PDT on the 11th we see the Pisces Moon sextile Juno in Taurus; we are prone, literally or figuratively, to dream of ways we can become empowered so that we can affect our material world. Pay attention to what’s running through your mind at this point; it will reveal a great deal about what you’re really hoping to gain, and will be especially illuminating if up to now you’ve not recognized the goals you’re emotionally yearning to meet.

By 2 AM PDT the Moon is close to conjunction with Uranus, bringing revelations, especially emotional ones, over the individual role within the group or Collective. We’ll see or realize something that surprises us. Then by 4 AM PDT the Moon is within opposition to Saturn in 29 degrees of Virgo. The feeling will definitely be one of pressure, crisis, or an almost frantic assessment of what’s been built in the life; in any case, a moment of reckoning that we think is putting us face to face with reality–but the reality is this is just a 29 degree expression of tension, with Saturn supplying the fear and the Moon a sense of vulnerability. Wait it out–the Moon enters the Void at 5:52 AM Pacific time, and though this may, for some, temporarily exacerbate those feelings of weakness, they will pass with the Moon’s entry into Aries at 6:30 AM.

The Aries Moon gives the benefit of offering an atmosphere of Self-possession; we can settle down a bit, secure in the right to seek out our own interests. Around noon of the 12th the Moon squares Ceres in Capricorn, giving us a chance to flex our Self-determination muscles; this could be a formidable challenge, as authorities are firm in their idea of what constitutes the rules. It’s at this point we might note the Fist of God formed by Juno square Neptune, both sesquiquadrate Zeus. This either elaborates on the more fleeting Moon-oriented authority challenge, or describes (as it will for some) an ongoing situation that the Moon only brings emphasis to. The Fist implies that one’s personal authority and empowerment are at odds with the Will and ambition of another, and either ideals or delusions are behind the controversy. If this fits a scenario in your life, you may find the Moon bringing forward a direct chance to hammer things out–just don’t succumb to emotionalism or make the mistake of completely ignoring the status quo in your campaign to get appropriate control of your own situation.

3 PM-ish the Aries Moon is within square to Pluto and trine to Mars–uh-oh, this is a lot of testosterone-y energy sources whacking into each other–you need to have those earlier conflicts wrapped up at this point, or the whole upset could go into overdrive. Proceed with caution.

Around 6 AM PDT on the 13th the Moon opposes Zeus; we may see echoes of the earlier situation, or, if we’re lucky, enjoy the way the whole confrontation turned out. We’re into the Dark of the Moon, so much of our reaction and upset during the 12th through to the New Moon could be experienced more on an internal level–but that can be just as wearing as a fist fight–with Aries, it really might be all in our heads!

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