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It seems that there has been something sinister at work the last few days.  Quite by chance, I ran into an acquaintance.  When Mercury is NOT retrograde, I go out of my way to avoid this person.  When Mercury is retrograde, I get sucked in.  This person is emotionally abusive and something about Mercury retrograde makes me forget until I’ve been given a verbal beating.  The day before, I came across a mama duck w/ newly hatched ducklings, about to cross a busy street.  Believing I was being a good samaritan, I herded her to a different pond, where she was immediately attacked by a male duck of a different species.  Upon researching online, I found that she HAS to go to the pond across the street to find her mate or she won’t be protected.  Man, did I feel terrible.

Twice in a row, good intentions blown to pieces.  Boom.


Hi April, Here’s the thing about Merc retro: logical thinking doesn’t work; putting together the pieces doesn’t work. ‘Sinister’ of course just means ‘of or to the left,’ and suggests that old saying, ‘The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing,’ perfect for this period. ‘Good intentions’ are meaningless, while ‘true’ intentions come through. What it all works to do is expose reality in a way you can’t ignore. In the case of your acquaintance, only wanting to see yourself as ubercivilized and pretending interacting with mud won’t get you muddy is at work, while with the ducks it seems to signal a Ceres-like tendency toward inappropriate control, in this case you thinking you know better than Mother Nature. We’re given an instinctive warning system that should keep us away from the snake in the grass, or the poisonous berries, but we get all big-brained and opposable thumb-y and believe we can outwit everything–and Merc retro offers us a time to reconnect through the feelings and the senses–and if we don’t take it, we suffer the consequences.


Thus endeth the Merc retro lesson for today; my thanks to April. Mercury goes direct on the 11th at 3:26 PM PDT; you have that long to wallow in brain down time that will allow for a much less restricted flow of information and intuitive and feeling experience. What you bring to your ‘regular’ life after Merc direction from these periods can be very useful, so take advantage of the extraordinary access to what some might call our animal brains, but that I call ‘fun’!

Moon in Pisces and she stays there until the 9th at 2:29 PM PDT. With Merc staying out of the way and our instinctive Selves in high gear, what magic isn’t possible, what escape won’t we try this weekend? Do it now, because the Moon enters Aries tomorrow afternoon Pacific and things become, well, focused, stern, and pretty frustrated, as Merc will still be retro and Mars has a hard time getting what he wants when he can’t think straight. Plus it will swiftly square Pluto, suggesting some taking your lumps, getting to the bottom of things energy around. Just have a one-pointed plan of attention for the early Aries Moon, something Arian and safe, like swordplay or wood-chopping or working at a forge, you smithy of the Soul, and you’ll make it through just fine (and fashion a great set of horseshoes to boot!)

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