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The Moon in Aries urges us to seek on our own behalf, but what are we seeking? In general, we’re looking for expression of our own Will, and as the Moon moves forward and aspects different energies, we apply our Will to whatever’s put before us. The next aspect our Aries Moon makes is a quincunx to Pallas 11:30 AM-ish, followed by an opposition to Zeus, around 1:30 PM PDT. These suggest we may try to adjust our actions and ego expression to what we know to be wise, and for some this may involve offering guidance (just as Pallas Athena would do) that ends up bringing us into direct conflict with the desires and ambitions of another, possibly someone with whom we are (or think we are) partnering. This may be somewhat surprising or even shocking (Uranus @ 29 degrees) as our choices seem to us to be truly benign–but two factors may be at work: our own egos, pushing to feel relevant to others, and/ or the sense on the part of those affected that what we’re saying and doing actually threatens their own choices and life direction (Moon T-square with Nodes, 3 PM or thereabouts).

At the same time as the Nodal contact the Moon sextiles Juno, suggesting that each of us will feel some emotional propulsion to empowerment–meaning that it may feel both important and possible to push for the position that makes us feel secure–and anyone with placements @ 13 degrees of the Cardinals and/ or 13 degrees of the Mutables may be strongly affected, as if, momentarily, at least, existence itself sits in the balance–but we’ll only be successful if we’re willing to adjust our attitudes to what we know to be the smart course (Finger of God Juno/ Moon base apex Pallas).

We ruminate on this mini-power struggle/ escapade through to about 9 PM PDT when the transiting Aries Moon trines Mars. Now we may insist on acting, and unless we are very careful we could make a passionate stew out of all the energies. At this point the Moon will still be within range of a Grand Square involving the Nodes and the Moon/ Juno opposition, and this means that if we can balance the interests of others’ with our own we may make excellent, major leaps forward.

By 2:30 AM-ish PDT the Moon moves into range of sextile to Venus and quincunx to Earth. This brings emotional and intuitive attention to matters of the material, physical surroundings, and reward and earnings. Needed adjustments will be crystal clear–for my compadres who will with any luck be sound asleep at this point, careful perusal of dreams the morning after may reveal something very useful that hints at what must change. We need to take a lot of care at this point, as the Sun will be exact to Sedna tomorrow, and we are within a window of extreme difficulty pinpointing our own purpose, the point to all that we do. As I mentioned previously, don’t react too strongly to this influence, and don’t make decisions based on it, or presume that you’ll be served by deep introspection–all of this is best avoided right now.

Also of note: Ceres is within one degree of Pluto at present–power struggles, or negotiations, will just be part of the landscape long-term. Learn much much more on Ceres (including how she may play a big role in autoimmune diseases/ sensitivities) here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-eclipse-spring-2010/ Includes 3 Months of Forecasts and ‘What You Won’t See on the Blog,’ info on New and Full Moons you can’t get anywhere else! New Moon occurs May 13th at 6:04 PM, meaning the Dark of the Moon begins this evening (the 10th) Pacific time-be aware that once this begins we’ll be at fundamental odds with the prevailing Universal energy that counsels us to retreat and receive–that’s why we must enter this pre-New Moon period with aggressive balance, so that both energy mandates can be honored.