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As Uranus passed through Pisces, we spent a lot of time concentrating on how the individuality could serve the Collective; in fact, it became heresy to put too much emphasis on the Self. Statements of ‘I want’ were politically correct only when a want for the larger picture was included as well: “I want to be the next Lady Gaga, and cure world hunger, too!” Nothing wrong with that, just that we all began to sound like we were in the running for Miss America, with a lot of pressure to allow a sincere wish to help be almost our only public display of desire. At this time I’d like to blame it on Uranus in Pisces, naturally making the group/ Collective loom large in our consciousness. Higher Mind (Uranus) made us extremely aware of our interconnectedness (Pisces), and this was absolutely a positive evolutionary step–so what’s the next step, as Uranus enters Aries, the theoretical ‘beginning’ of the zodiac–and of course, hits the Aries Point, which has taken on almost mythical significance as a point of  extreme effect?

While Uranus was in Pisces, big goals and big canvasses were the style–we couldn’t just donate school supplies to the local elementary school, we had to gather money and supplies city-wide, then box them up and send them to Afghanistan–again, nothing wrong with this at all, but it’s precisely this kind of response to need, the kind and quality of innovation and progressive thought in solving problems, that I think will undergo a blanket change. With Uranus in Aries, the likely response may be that individual efforts will express a one-pointed group Will, and the effect will be that everyone must identify by their group and then assert their desires.

At first glance this seems terrible; the last thing we need is segregation by interests, financial status, nationality, or any of the other ugly ‘have and have not, are and are not’ strategies that have been employed in the past (and that are currently being peddled once again by Tea Partiers, among others). Yes, there is this regressive version of Self-motivated Uranian energy that will pop up–not everyone will lift themselves out of the mud, unfortunately–but I think the evolved version will actually be quite productive, introducing the idea of the citizen-soldier with the ability to lead the group as the identity of each member, not just as the identity of one or two.

This also might incorporate the idea of banding together without the kind of exclusivity that was popular during Uranus through Capricorn, where we judged judged judged other groups and drew strict boundaries according to some hardline Capricorn values. After the immense widening of our idea of the Collective of which we are a part and to and for which we are responsible in Uranus through Pisces, we come to this new stance as strong individuals who have forged our identity and can now act for and with the group without the need to close the clubhouse doors to keep out the riff-raff. Instead we are equipped to see to causes and forward the group agenda with the consciousness of Pisces as a backdrop, so that the individual Will works in tandem with the best interests of the whole–and the group identity simply becomes a loose affiliation of those with common interests who are equipped to aid each other, rather than a tight-knit circle that can’t see beyond their own noses.

Well, that’s what I think.

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