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The Moon in Taurus is frustrated; it looks for another energy to get physical with and finds no takers–Leo is empty and Aquarius saves Neptune for late in the game, and her early contact opposed Pallas passed the evening of the 8th, leaving us all feeling a wee bit spent. In fact, so many energies are uber-early in the degrees, or way late, that the mid-degrees leave little for the solitary Moon to aspect. We do get a trine to the North Node, 7 AM-ish PDT of the 9th, so at least we’ll get an emotional and intuitive sense that we’re on the right track.

This is reassuring, as with a Taurus Moon contact is important; the tactile, the sensuous, the material, the artisanal, the sensory, all become the centerpieces of feeling–we need some feedback, because the illusion of this Moon is that without that contact we are emotionally bereft. We can end up depressing ourselves because it all seems so damn lonely. The better approach, though, is to immerse ourselves in that sensory and physical input. Morning of the 9th the Dark of the Moon begins and a move away from the usual, and perhaps away from the need to conceptualize everything in words and thoughts (plenty of time for that with the New Moon in Gemini) will rest our control, dissection, and disernment orientation and allow the senses to wordlessly overwhelm. Try to enjoy.

A few signposts along the way: by 7:30 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Earth and we get a reality check that puts our attitude toward the material world back on course; about 1 AM of the 10th the Moon conjuncts Sedna and we may meet some real moments of distress, perhaps even a sense of emotional misconnection or a fear of not knowing who we are; the Moon’s trine to Saturn around 9:30 AM of the 10th puts us back on solid ground but may mar some of the release we found in just allowing the senses to reign.

There’s a lot of extra discussion of this upcoming New Moon in ECLIPSE–Check it out for the in-depth picture of Lunar potentials http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-eclipse-spring-2010/ Or see my books and the past issue of ECLIPSE here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com

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