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Ahhh! Dark of the Moon! Roll around in it; don’t worry, you’ll get used to the feeling of weightlessness, the disorientation, the dream-like distance of objects, people, even your own thoughts. So it’s a Taurus Moon that’s now invisible and beyond our ken, and we’re in this lovely, dark warm, slightly moist, cozy womb, and since it’s Taurus, we’re likely surrounded by warm soft blankets and throws, fuzzy slippers, and lots of good things to eat–mmm, why would we ever leave? Well, it’s a womb, for goodness sake, can’t stay here forever, and besides, once the Moon hits Gemini, we’re going to want to have a chat–and there’s just no inviting friends into the figurative uti for a sit-down. The point is, in the time between just chillaxin’ and the gabfest, there are a few things that might sneak up on us, so busy will we be sorting out all the green m & ms, crocheting booties, sipping hot chocolate, and napping with the kitty. Such vigorous lack of engagement may leave us open to . . . well, let’s see:

Mars/ Vesta opposed Neptune/ Chiron=this can make us feel that our actions, or our egos, are sacred–and when confronted with genuine hurt we are causing, or injury to others’ imaginations or creative product that stems from us, or when we are challenged to bring our skills to serve our ideals, we may lash out, hurt, or deceive the individual who’s actually just requiring us to put down our pretensions and be our best Self–don’t let this be you!

Mercury quincunx Ceres=powerful words and thoughts may glance right off us; if we can stay as attentive as is reasonable and possible, we will spot these messages as they occur, and we will gain mo-jo as a result.

Saturn quincunx Neptune=reality and fantasy collide; or, rather, they can’t occupy the same point in space and time, and that means trouble. The remedy here is simple, and a rule to live by: be willing to see reality for what it is, to embrace fantasy, but never to confuse the two.

Juno trine Chiron and square Uranus/ Jupiter, all at 00 degrees=empowerment comes from being able to face our hurts without flinching, and at the same time recognizing that compliance with certain societal requirements are necessary for support of our empowerment efforts–we can’t go it alone, and pointless rebellion or overdoing will undermine our search for relevance.

And it may go without saying, but if you have natal placements at 00 of any sign, watch that body!

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