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Most of the non-Moon influences from yesterday hold over, and keep much of the same atmosphere going. We spend the shank of the day-as they say in the old country 🙂 -eeking out those last hours of the Aquarius Moon, maybe straining a little too much to make the energies count–but today it may be better to wait until the Void (beginning at 3:03 PM PDT) to really apply ourselves. Why? Even though South Node and Juno were sesquiquadrate Neptune, we didn’t really notice–not until Mercury joined them, the Sun moved into proximity, and the Moon came along and triggered our notice–and now they seem to speak to us! Or at least, they’re in the corner, mumbling about our past, our need for empowerment, and those fears specific to our emotions–and the problem is, those fears that are our illusions, and even those things we fear might be illusions, are the Neptunian boogey man that lurks nearby and keeps us from dragging those worries into the sunlight and sorting them out. Zeus doesn’t help, as he squares the gathering in Cancer and makes the Fist stir up all our ambitions and desires, and the fears related to those. We may be wrestling with something along these lines by afternoon PDT, and once the Void begins, the fears and hesitancies will dissipate, and we can tackle whatever it is that’s on our minds.

The Moon enters Pisces at 6:10 PM PDT and conjuncts Chiron, and our first thoughts may be: Ow! Why the heck did I go digging around in all that emotional dross?! But then we’ll realize we’re being handed the recipe for healing that situation we’ve been embroiled in all day. 1 AM-ish PDT the Moon sextiles Pluto, and we come to terms with what it is that must change, be re-born, or go.

July will be here any minute–be prepared with ECLIPSE! http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-eclipse-spring-2010/ Thanks!

Today’s Link: I like this quick guide to making a good electional decision http://askchristine.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/easy-electional-astrology-by-the-moon/ Also catch J Lee Lehman’s fascinating What is a Spiritual Disease? http://leephd.blogspot.com/