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Moon enters Gemini on the 8th at 12:50 AM PDT. The square to Chiron is immediate, pointing up both rough spots and skills, and revving up our engines, in a way–this aspect may key us to pay attention to mustering skills and putting them to use, or to ruminating on our wounds or upsets–and you know which one is the better use of time, with one exception: if you need to fully absorb a hurt in order to understand it and let it go. In that case, go fully into sadness, hurt, and all that you need to explore–it will act as a purge that will leave you ready for the next thing.

There’s a Finger of God formed 6-10 AM PDT on the 8th with apex Moon and base of Pluto and Pallas. This suggests the wisdom of destruction, change, or perhaps the smart choice in processing and letting go that some who tuned into the wounded energy of the previous Chiron aspect will go through, and that when applied this will allow a flow of emotional expression and realization of feeling. This is a good energy to take advantage of, an emotional purge that can’t really go wrong.

Mercury quincunx Neptune=words may carry meanings we don’t intend; fantasies, the subconscious, dreams, and ideals intrude–just be aware.

Sun conjunct Juno=empowering methods are spotlighted–it’s easy to see what behaviors will give us the the clout to do as we please. Pay attention, even if you don’t move to make this happen right away–what you become aware of will be useful when you do want to act.

Noonish on the 8th PDT we enter the Dark of the Moon, pre-Solar eclipse. We may see a number of reactions possible: mindless chattering to let energy out; a stuttering skip to our thoughts, moving them at random from point to point; silences that come from being overwhelmed with too much perception and no way to express it; a pleasant lightness that can almost act as a meditation. Allow yourself to lean into the prevalent energy, and try to relax, to gather yourself by letting go of a need to organize or express too specifically. This lasts through the New Moon, and can bring us to the Sun/ Moon conjunction clean, purged of what we truly don’t need.

Next up: the Solar Eclipse! And do stay cool!