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The Full Moon for July occurs on the 25th at 6:36 PM Pacific time at 2 Aquarius 59. First we’ll look at it using our strict 2 degree orb for events, then we’ll expand our view slightly, and see if this might bring in other, more subtle factors.

The Moon/ Earth conjunction in Aquarius has only two aspects, a sextile to Jupiter in Aries, and a semi-sextile to Pluto in Capricorn (and of course, the opposition to the Sun that is the reason for the event in the first place!) A meeting of Moon and Earth in a sign that’s all about cerebral concepts is not a great fit; the emotions and intuition ‘ground’ themselves in the material environment–an excellent concept in itself, connecting the emotions and extrasensory input to the physical surroundings, creating an understanding that is greater than its parts–but the sign in which this occurs, Aquarius, is mental, rather than intuitive, and doesn’t get any more physical than electricity, itself essentially invisible. That means our Moon/ Earth meeting, a time when the combination of these most ephemeral attributes in interplay with our material world should be coming to intuitive and emotional culmination through both the spirit and material results, will likely not reach a fulfilling conclusion, not because this isn’t available, but because we will try to translate things through the mind (Aquarius) only; there will be influences from our own dark or practical nature and from external destructive forces (Pluto in Cap) and pressure from the social sphere to perceive things in a particular manner that emphasizes ego fulfillment and separateness (the ‘I am society, and society is me’ of Jupiter in Aries).

What if we widen our orb? Does this make anything about the situation any clearer (or, what we’re really looking for, does it give us a way out of an inevitable misperception?) If we widen our orb to 3 degrees, we bring in a sextile to Uranus at the Aries Point, and a trine to Saturn in Libra. Hmm, this may help us pinpoint ‘trouble sources’ that could be what tries to push us in the wrong direction for a successful intuitive/ spiritual/ material culmination. The sextile to Uranus suggests, perhaps, two things: one, that our own rebellious nature, intellectual bent, Higher Mind, or wish to be different might steer us wrong–or, two, that a group or social cataclysm (not necessarily a disaster, but rather a group demand) might come forward and in effect disconnect us from our own intuitive nature–and so disconnect us from our chance to gain a sense of fulfillment and closure from this Full Moon moment. The trine to Saturn in the sign of partnership is amusing in this context: we may dig in our heels in a relationship that is just over, and that normally would be brought to an end with the energy offered by a Full Moon.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is ‘A Deserter from the Navy’–are we surprised? This is the abandonment of a cause by the most martial of water bearers–the individual who runs from something (in this day and age) to which he or she has quite willingly committed him- or herself. This suggests, in light of the Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto aspects, that the individual destructive and rebellious urges may win out, though with some caveats. Just because one runs away from the group doesn’t mean they are no longer a member–truly severing ties is quite different from the symbolic act, or the simply rebellious one. This may symbolize that ‘the ties that bind,’ which might normally end with this Full Moon, may drag on, with plenty of pointless rebellions, incidents of lashing out for freedom, and ‘pretend’ destructive or transformative episodes as a result.

The end of something may feel premature at this point; or, we just may not be done acting out, making our intellectual point to the other party or to the group. The energy is best handled with the understanding that the mentality is too active in the decision-making process to provide a truly accurate picture–and as long as we know that, we can accept that the rationalizing and reasoning that we may be inclined to will not get us to the heart of the matter. Understanding (Aquarius) that we are at a kind of midpoint, rather than a culmination, at least in energy terms, will help us embrace the positive portions of the Full Moon process (which strongly support mental accomplishment, original creative acts, and innovative activities) while minimizing the more dramatic, disaffected, or chaotic influences to our response.

Warning: the title is not a real Latin phrase–like in the old Roadrunner cartoons, I believe everything goes better with a sophisticated seeming taxonomic designation!

For a much more detailed, Sabian-centered analysis, see Today’s Link by the excellent Lynda Hill http://sabiansymbols.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/07/index.html