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Just wanted to hook you up with an interview with the excellent astrologer Jude Cowell (pronounced, not like the neckline or Simon, but like a sparkling, concentrated source of energy from the very earth!) She discusses her start as a political blogger, and offers a wealth of information on her techniques and methods, as well as sharing a great deal about her specialty, the machinations of Washington.

Highlights include: use of astrology in ancient times v. its uses now, use of the fixed stars, rectification for public events where you only have an ‘about’ time, discussion of the Gulf oil ‘event,’ the various charts used for the United States and the ‘whys’ behind them (this was especially interesting), mention of ECLIPSE (Jude will have the featured article in an upcoming issue–thanks, JC!) and use of the word ‘varmint,’ which as far as I’m concerned should be on everyone’s lips a lot more often!

Here’s the link, and it’s well worth the listen:  http://webtalkradio.net/2010/07/26/practical-astrology-–-political-astrology/

PLUS NEW MATERIAL AT ‘ECLIPSE’ PAGE! Password is found on the last page of the first article in ECLIPSE–Thanks!