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We’re hitting the Wayback machine first (not that internet-y storage device, but the real Wayback), so come along, Sherman (that makes me Mr. Peabody!) while we look back to last Sunday, at a phenomenon that continues in a much less distinct way right now. The Sun gave off the most unreal light, a bright copper that gave an eclipse-like quality to the air even at midday. Cars beneath it shone like they were under yellow streetlamps and it gave an apocalyptic air to everything; this was the Sun we would have as it gasped and died, the pre-nova burn that made it at once radiate more solar energy but somehow shine less brightly. Of course, the transiting Leo Sun was touching my natal Uranus on the 1st and 2nd, and we always feel a little bit freaky when our own uniqueness is so emphasized–so maybe it was as much me as the Sun.

The extraordinary color came from distance forest fires that sent a nasty smoke into the air–nothing supernatural, or end-of-world-y, about it. But it did kick off a period that I think focuses on Venus, and lasts through the 9th, and that may have a real other-worldliness about it. It concerns relationships, love, assets, talents, and yes, those 2nd House and 7th House things with which Venus is associated–but it most strongly seems to resonate on the personal assessment level: what are my talents? what is my worth? how am I sharing this? what’s really important to me? Astrologically, this may reflect Venus’ path at semi-square to the transiting Sun; it’s the most at odds the Venus energy can ever be to the source of life, and so may bring forward enough dissonance for asset and attitude reflection.

It started with Venus within conjunction range of Vesta on Sunday; anything contacting Vesta feels sacred, but Vesta also calls us to assess what really is sacred to us at the most profound level. This contact kicked off a Venus bonanza that last through the 10th. Today, the 5th, it all gets magnified, amped up by Venus’ exact contact to Vesta at 28 Virgo, which also places the two quincunx the rough midpoint of Chiron/ Neptune=assumptions about both wounds and skills are called forward and measured against fantasy, imaginings, ideals, and creative energy. We see the true worth of our Chiron/ Neptune complex (for we all have one, at this point, after our long trudge with these energies together, and this is all about our wounds, our talents, and how creatively they’re utilized, as well as how realistic we are in assessing them). Now we find out the worth of the complex, and we are asked to decide if it’s something we want to incorporate permanently. This is a serious issue, so pay attention, as what we choose to add to the repetoire at this point will become a prominent part of us, so don’t toy with hurt as a major player in the psyche or especially in relationships, and don’t choose a wounded persona that could eventually define you.

On the 6th Venus is strained; she’s at 29 degrees and molested by Chiron. It may be very hard to see why not to go with woundedness as a righteous part of relationship–but don’t. It’s a road paved with regret.

By the 7th Venus enters her home turf of Libra and opposes Uranus at the Aries Point; relationship and personal revelation is the result–we’ll be very surprised at the partnerships offered, at the assets shared and the companionship denied, and personal earning power and talents may also show a new result. We are in Dark of the Moon at this point, so it all may be very subtle, or something the results of which you don’t see until after the New Moon.

By the 8th our lady is conjunct Saturn, and perhaps nursing a reality-check hangover–this isn’t bad at all, it just brings the exciting possibilities of yesterday down to earth and puts them in a realistic, workable form. The 9th sees Venus oppose Jupiter–now we’re cookin’! The Venusian possibilities that were introduced, that we envisioned and then revised, are ready for action in a big way, but again, we may want to plan, and move on the New Moon.

On the 10th we get the square to Pluto that closes it all out. We can purge, change, and transform the Venusian elements of our lives to a new and much more pleasing form (Venus in pretty pretty Libra), in concert with the New Moon. This is a real opportunity to bring forward your most valuable talents and skills, to birth them along with the powerful ‘start’ energy of the New Moon–good luck!

See ECLIPSE for more detailed forecasts; I will post a New Moon forecast (pretty close to the last minute!) when I return.

I won’t be available through the 10th, and that means no comments will post (though you may make them and they’ll go up later), and no book or ECLIPSE sales will occur, though you can order and they will be sent as soon as I can get back to my computer. I’m sure I’ll miss talking to you all on a daily basis, but I’m off on my own Venusian adventure–see you on the other side!