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Actually, it’s not the New Moon that’s belated but my report; we spent an extra day and a half on our trip and I’m now playing catch-up. I’m really glad we did; we had a wonderful time, but I left you all in the lurch (though ECLIPSE readers did get the scoop on influences surrounding the Moon/ Sun conjunction–but we still need the main picture).

The New Moon formed at 8:08 PM on the 9th at 17 Leo 24. Here’s the thing: even using a more generous 3 degree orb, we have no major aspects formed by the New Moon. This means two things: that meaning is concentrated within the placement and symbology of the New Moon itself, and that other aspect pictures in place that don’t touch the New Moon will take on a kind of separate but parallel importance. The peripherals are covered in the mag already, but we still have the Sabian image to inspect.

‘A Chemist Conducts an Experiment for His Students’ This suggests something interesting: we are all tasked with playing one role or the other, chemist (or possibly ‘teacher’) or student (or ‘the one who’s receptive to learning’). We take pride in this role, identify with it, and want to shine in it (the Leo placement). Does it matter which role we take? Not really; each is important within the dynamic, as the teacher does not exist without the student, and vice versa. The House where this falls in the natal chart should help one determine which side of the equation one falls on: 1st through 6th and we are likely to play the student, open, receptive, and gaining by taking in, while 7th through 12th we are likely to play the teacher/ chemist, sharing knowledge, experience, and skills and thereby gaining by creating connection and earning respect.

The fact that both parties are involved in an experiment is also of note, as this implies that what is shared/learned is transmitted by the example of reality, in other words, by the real effects and results obtained when we follow the laws of nature. The teacher, then, teaches by demonstrating for the student(s) what can be expected when the elements of life are mixed in the prescribed way. This means that those in the teacher role may be instructing others without realizing it, simply by the results of their own choices, manifested in their lives, and this says that it may be done through positive or negative example. The teachers among us may be less conscious of their role and the ‘lesson’ they’re imparting than they might think; they may simply believe they are being themselves, ‘shining out’ for all to see.

The students among us are at present more acutely attuned to picking up messages from the world; it’s as if they are super-receptive and are poised, waiting for the information that is offered (and is, as the Universe typically arranges it, precisely what the individual needs).

This effect, of course, lasts strongly through the culmination of the Full Moon two weeks later, and continues with a kind of ghost vibe, an echo of newness that continues through to the next New Moon a month later. The New Moon plants a seed that grows and matures; this says that, in the instance of this Leo New Moon, an exchange of energy, information, and advice by example is seeded and helps each of us grow in both strength of identity (we find out something more about who we are) and in connection and sharing with others via the mechanism of skills demonstrated and information offered (we share our abilities and talents–we ‘shine’)–both are Leo-aligned, bringing forward a clear and necessary concentration on the Self for the coming month.

Well, I’m back! So order away–books and magazines will be sent promptly (or, if I’ve retired for the evening when you place your order, as soon as I awake) http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com  I hope you enjoyed the long, Venus-tinged weekend–I did!

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