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11 AM PDT of the 17th the lusty (yes, it does seem a lusty energy, rife with potential–so watch yourself around your Sag-influenced friends!) Sagittarius Moon trines Juno in her fiery Leo home, and we have a surge of empowerment energies that call out to be fulfilled. It’s an excellent mini-opportunity to launch something, even as we hang in the balance, waiting for Merc’s retrograde, so take advantage of the moment if you’re looking to go forward, and especially if you’re looking to make your lady-powers sparkle 🙂  BTW, the chart for this point shows the Part of Fortune opposed Juno, perhaps suggesting choices made now will be much more significant than they appear–they may even be fate-driven.

If we aren’t worn out from our day of lusting (and see more about the lusty, pirate-y spirit in all of us in the Summer issue of ECLIPSE http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-summer-2010-eclipse/ ) the Moon will sextile Mars and quincunx the South Node around 7 PM PDT, and all I can say is, Beware! This stirs the ego, the action urge, the ‘I am’ through the memory or return of elements from the past, and for many this may be trying; after so much stimulation early in the day, we may feel the Mars contact as an impulse: just one more big push, and I get what I want. The past (and likely past failures) may push us to act in ways that ignore the partner, or that seek to insist on the partner’s support (Mars in Libra, only one degree from conjunction with Zeus, with Venus one degree from conjunction with Mars–so the god of war sits between love/ desire and lust/ ambition, and tries to serve them both). Good luck with that one!

Let’s move ahead to 9:30 PM-ish PDT, when the Moon sextiles Zeus and Pallas sits at the midpoint of the two. Stress! as the emotions and intuition are pushed to fulfill wants but find wisdom intrudes and seeks to modify our course–congratulations to those of us smart enough to listen.

The Moon conjuncts Ceres in Sagittarius around 12:30 PM of the 18th, bringing together the emotions and intuition with perceptions of the natural order, and with our own personal connection to the power of nature and ourselves as natural Beings; it’s a moment of true power, when the Universe responds to our Will and our touch.

By 3:30 PM PDT of the 18th the Moon quincunxes Sedna; we’re flying blind for a couple of hours, a sensory underload that may be highly confusing after the strong perceptual period that preceded it. Stay cool and, uncomfortable as it may be, on the fence, saving decisions for a few hours later.

9:30-ish PM PDT of the 18th sees the Sagittarius Moon trining the Leo Sun in what amounts to a fiery compromise. It’s a lovely, ultra-bright few hours of illumination of the emotions and intents and life direction–a good point at which to assess and re-group energy and efforts. This is followed by the 1:30 AM-ish PDT of the 19th sextile of the Moon to Neptune (imagination helps align emotions with efforts) and the 3:30-ish sextile to Chiron (that spirit of creativity can be used to call forth skills).

ECLIPSE readers: be sure you check the forecast for the period starting the 18th–it’s worth knowing about and planning ahead for! And if you want to get in on it http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-summer-2010-eclipse/ Thanks! And have a wonderful couple of days!

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