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We all know about the ‘Butterfly Effect’ theory, right? How could we not, after its repeated mention in popular culture; with everything interconnected at a quantum level, the flap of a butterfly’s wings in South America ripples and magnifies and picks up energy along the way until it forms a tsunami in Asia–or so the theory goes.

So, I’m thinking that what’s going on right now is something of a Butterfly Effect involving Saturn, but in reverse: the massive energy of the much-discussed Cardinal energies of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter are, rather than showing their considerable muscle directly (exceptions of course being contact to one’s natal placements), they are funneling the energy into Saturn–and it’s coming out in Saturn-related events.

This is just a guess; maybe it’s entirely personal for me. But, other than those Cardinal contacts, Saturn has been pretty lonely lately–and the Nodes are now just within a 5 degree orb of T-square contact, and I’m wondering if that isn’t creating an effect where it’s all about Saturn, with the energies of all the other contacts moving into reality, into visibility, through the Saturnian structures of our lives–and I’m seeing Saturnian upset all around me. Just this weekend within my sphere, there’s been a bone infection discovered, an infestation of the framework/ walls of a house, and the experiences of a few people I know who are getting a good, hard dose of reality–and reacting to this Saturn energy with some of their own Saturn stubbornness and stonewalling, a clear rejection of the need to modify their approach to the material–and yet the Nodes are moving inexorably into contact with the Old Man, and I’m thinking that when the T perfects (by degree, at 7 of their respective signs, on September 25th), the Saturn effect will reach a climax; we’ll all, at this point, see marked change/ effects in the Saturnian structures of our lives.

Anybody else feeling structures shifting beneath your feet, reality changing, or the framework of life threatened by decay (Pluto), untoward expansion or through social feedback (Jupiter), or the expression of one’s individuality and the consequences of this within the group (Uranus)?

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