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By 4 PM PDT on the 27th our Lunar hero forms a T-square with Juno opposed Neptune/ Chiron; the emotions or intuition try desperately to resolve this stand-off between illusion specifically fostered by hurt, or dreaming about using skills, and the need to control energy and expression in order to serve true empowerment needs. It’s a most insidious Self-sabotage, as we fixate on what we wish, what would be ideal, what could heal us, and miss what’s in front of us that will, by a slightly different route, give us exactly what we want–what may help is to know that what you’re envisioning as the fantasy way to fulfillment (courtesy of Neptune) is illusory. The real avenue to empowerment right now is through true, careful Self-regard, the kind that will build toward both goals and a more solid sense of identity (Leo placement), rather than trying to institute dream-schemes that spring from woundedness. Treating ourselves with respect, rather than indulging whims, is key. At the same time the Moon is opposing Vesta, perhaps making us temporarily reject our core values, making it that much tougher to treat well what really matters. It’s a mini-rebellion, eased along by the sextile to Jupiter/ Uranus about 6 PM PDT, making it a snap to exaggerate expression and individuality needs–anyone who kicks and screams at this point will be responding immaturely, and losing the chance to make the most of those positive energies that will support Soul expression so well. A quincunx to Ceres rounds out the influence–authority requires us to modify the emotional response for success. It all makes one big picture.

The Void begins at 8:04 PM PDT, suggesting that we relax for a while–too much work (or simply too much stress) makes Jack a dull boy, as they say. The Moon enters Gemini at 11:10 PM Pacific. The first aspect Gemmy Moon makes is a quincunx to Pluto, again asking us to make emotional adjustments in the face of Change, with a big ‘C.’  By now this has probably become mighty wearing; the antidote is, once more, Soul-rooted, mature, Self-interest, the kind that allows the world to change and us to be able to handle it because we know who we are.

9 AM on the 28th and the Moon trines the Sun, allowing an emo centered reality check on current life direction. We may feel like that’s the last thing we need right now, but it’s good prep for the upcoming Venus retro, and the soon-to-arrive New Moon (see ECLIPSE forecast section for details http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-summer-2010-eclipse/) This is followed by a 1 PM-ish Moon trine to Saturn and a trine to the North Node, making our realizations all-too real–we get a hint at what the material situation might be in future-a useful perception to recall later.

A quincunx to Mars in the 4 PM hour PDT means we could be irritated at this point and quick to fight–once more, true Self-interest says we should channel this into what we need to get done, rather than standing on a (figurative) street corner, spoiling to punch someone. If we go for lovin’ not fightin’ we get the payoff around 8 PM with the Moon’s quincunx to Venus–as long as we remain flexible in terms of what form our payoff can take (we don’t turn away that million dollars because it arrives at our door in pennies, for instance!) we can receive some interesting interaction, messages (Gemini) or enjoy something radically sexy (Venus in Scorpio).

A trine to Zeus 10 PM-ish of the 28th says it may be easy to allow the desire Will or the ambitions to carry us away, especially in too much talk or gossip (Gemini Moon). Keeping a check on expression is the idea–we feel good, and it would be a shame to throw it away by going overboard.

This period requires the kind of enlightened Self-interest on the individual level that will keep our personal situation well attended to and that enables us to refuse the many fleeting distractions that surround us. And through it all, have a great one!

Want to know about Juno? Here it is! The most comprehensive study available http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com