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A news report this morning alerted me to what’s up with our Martian/ Arian energies http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20101017/NEWS/310179991/man-killed-by-goat-in-olympic-national-park-was-experienced-hiker and after googling this subject I find it’s not as rare as it sounds; rams apparently take it out on us sometimes.

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After looking at current conditions, it made likely influences a little clearer. Mars is at 23 Scorpio; he’s out of contact with the personals and goes right for the social, the organizational, and the unique, with trines to Jupiter and Uranus, semi-square to Saturn, squares to Neptune and Chiron, and the separating opposition to Sedna. This could bring the rams in our lives out and charging, full force, with frustrations stemming from unfulfilling interaction with groups. They may be hurt, their idealism damaged by experiences on the social scene or in painful results of trying to share their own personal uniqueness. Aries may be smarting and not even know it, and it’s the unconscious nature of this possible hurt that makes the Rams’ aggression so dangerous.

Martian energies may be stirring in all of us, whatever our placements. Look to the natal House with Aries on the cusp, the House that holds natal Mars, and Mars’ transiting position and any contacts it currently makes, in order to understand where we may lash out and cause real damage without awareness that we are doing so. We may also come under attack, if we are loathe to see and own our own aggressive nature; failing to see how we are assertive and imposing our own Will (because we are, even if we think we’re not) can mean we paint a big target on our backs.

So, just a quick note about what may be up with our Aries friends; how can we help? Perhaps by de-emphasizing the heavy Libran influence right now–with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and hypothetical (but highly useful) Zeus in Libra, Aries may be panicking a bit–it may feel like Aries is losing control, and the Ram really really doesn’t like that. A demand for co-operation sounds to an Aries like someone is stripping them of all ability to have their own way, and can trigger any number of agitated, Martian responses.

Another synchronicity: I turn on the TV for some news and weather this morning as I’m writing this, and in flipping around I see a bit of the show ‘Angel,’ where a demon named Skip is talking about how his Will is keeping someone in a burning hell-cube. Sounds to me a lot like our Aries friends (and our own Aries impulses); they’re used to just dealing with everything through sheer willpower, imposing their  desires and goals on all that surrounds them (some of you won’t agree with that, in a show of Willfulness–the irony!)

That’s the main new thing to be aware of today; it’ll only become more prominent over the next couple of days as Venus in Scorpio moves into semi-sextile with Zeus in Libra. Desires and the passion-deep urge to move toward them will be the main event, even (or especially) if our attention is elsewhere.

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