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M. Heade 'Cattelya orchid & three Brazilian hummingbirds' 19th c. {{PD-Art}}

I like to think the Moon is there even if I’m not looking at it

A. Einstein

We will be in a unique position today; we will be so busy being the Cancer Moon, we may not pay attention to it–but for us, as for Einstein, it will be nice to know it’s there.

Then, just after 4 PM PST, the Moon comes into proximity of a quick string of aspects: a square to h. Zeus, a square to Saturn, then an opposition to Ceres. We may see a chafing of ambition and desire against the sensitivities of the spirit, against the structure, boundaries, and strictures of tradition or the establishment, and then a face-off that involves ‘maternal’ forces, of one kind or another. This can be literally between two mothers or life-giving forces, between Mother Nature and the constancy of change (as one tries to perpetuate the system, and the other insists on re-making it), or between external authorities and one’s own senses, intuition, or emotions; for a scant few this latter authority/ senses conflict will be within themselves. In any case, it stirs things up and may make for an unsettled evening. The upset is largely centered in our own ideas of what should be coddled, what should be controlled or dealt with firmly or what must be given boundaries–it’s good to meet this for what it is, a chance to see where our viewpoint may be skewed, particularly when it may be inappropriately controlling of something external to ourselves.

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