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The New Moon Sabian for the December 5th event, which takes place at 13 Sagittarius 28 at 9:35 AM PST: ‘The Great Pyramid and The Sphinx’  Let’s note here that there is one aspect to the NM when we use our 2 degree max orb (let’s call this the ‘orb of precision’!)–this is a sextile between the NM/ Sun and the conjunction of Saturn/h. Zeus.

The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are both symbols of wisdom, the kind of ancient truths that hold the secrets of life itself. True wisdom typically expresses concepts that resonate at all levels: spiritual, physical/ material, mental, emotional, linking the seen and unseen in perfect harmony. This suggests that the New Moon will spark a seed-light within each of us that springs from an essential life-truth–and the aspect to Saturn/ h. Zeus says it will have a material component, something in reality we can actually point to (so not something that is pure concept or choice) and further that this will express in some way a deep desire or ambition within.

The New Moon is not an idea point, but an action point (Cardinal placement of Saturn, h. Zeus, Mercury, and Pluto) that pushes that idea literally out into the world (Sagittarius placement of Sun and Moon) setting in motion an effect of change, transformation, or obliteration that reflects a Soul-deep ambition or desire (h. Zeus).

To see the discussion of why Mercury and Pluto are especially important at this New Moon, as well as to see the explanation of the impact of Uranus’ same day Direction, get your password by ordering ECLIPSE http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/the-latest-new-fall-2010-eclipse/ Thank You! And I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Here’s the chart, set for my hometown of Seattle: