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This is from the section describing Juno’s contact in a woman’s own chart to other bodies:

Juno to her own Moon: This links empowerment firmly to female energies concerned with generational, ancestral, maternal, and intuitive impulses, and in easy or neutral aspects (conjunction, sextile, trine) creates a formidable instinctual nature within the individual. In any contact, easy or hard (semi-square, square, sesquiquadrate, quincunx, opposition) this duo has the potential to access powerful generative and cyclic rhythms, allowing the woman to tune in to these and draw on and use that energy as her own, an effective conduit for the Universal flow. It’s an energy that’s creative, primal, and natural, and as such adds something unusual to the woman’s aura; this can make those who are less than comfortable with the physical and psychic roles of women reject or distance themselves from these individuals–these women may be perceived as threatening, carrying a native power that allows access to the unseen, and can make others feel ’emotionally x-rayed’ in their presence.

And this from the definitions of cross-chart aspects, between the charts of partners.

Juno in aspect to partner’s Mars: When with this combination Juno belongs to the woman and Mars to the man, the essence of the contact lies largely in the man’s feelings about his own empowerment as a man, and his effectiveness at fulfilling ego needs and taking action. If he enjoys a solid sense of effectiveness and high Self-esteem, then even in harsh contact he may be willing to work out a way of accepting and supporting the woman’s empowerment choices; she, however, may find him too abrasive in hard aspect, while a soft aspect may hinge on both her own sense of effectiveness and ability to act, and her feeling that his actions support, or at least don’t inhibit, her bid for empowerment (see the cross-chart Saturn contacts for clues as to possible restricting attitudes with both partners). If she feels at least somewhat effective in her actions and that he is ‘for’ her, rather than against her, she may be open to making it work. When Juno is the man’s, though, the picture may be much different: hard aspects suggest he does not see her ego and action energies as compatible with his idea of ‘appropriate’ mate behavior, while soft aspects say that he finds her ego assertions and action choices in general appropriate and pleasing, at least as long as they aren’t threatening (in hard aspect to) his own ego (Mars) and effectiveness (Sun) energies.

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