I chose this just because the material of her dress is rendered so beautifully--but they could be making an action plan, couldn't they? Borch c.1654 {{PD-Art}}

8 Dec 9:59 AM PST We lost internet here in this part of Seattle for several hours–so I’m way behind! Check back this afternoon for a new post–thanks!

3:49 PM PST on the 7th Mars enters Capricorn, and the action urge gets a whole lot more serious. With Chiron/ Neptune (Fixed Air) sesquiquadrate Saturn/ h. Zeus (Cardinal Air) we may be looking at actions that can be successfully adjusted to reality, ambition/ Will, ideals and skills–and this creates an excellent time to act in a way both inspired and practical. By 5:30 PM PST the transiting Cap Moon squares h. Zeus, making this an optimum moment to know and fulfill ambition or desire, if one is open to recognizing and working with reality (you would be surprised how many people aren’t); then by 6:30 PM on the 7th a square to Saturn and semi-sextile to the Sun show us where we stand materially. Would these aspects be better flipped, with awareness coming first? Absolutely, but with the Moon in Capricorn it really is about atuning to the reality of the situation in order to achieve what we want and make our actions effective–which means that Saturn aspect to Neptune/ Chiron (a sesquiquadrate) becomes a test of our connection to what is, as much as it is a call to manifest ideals and ambitions.

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