Circumstances feel harsh, tempers flare, and intuition may be suppressed. Artist unknown c16th century {{PD-Art}}

9 AM PST of the 28th the Moon conjuncts Zeus, immediately followed with a square to Mars and a conjunction to Saturn. This presents a complex wherein the emotions and ‘I am’ challenge us to act, to do ‘it,’ but we feel a suppression of intuition that makes us very hesitant to go forward. Much here depends on where Saturn is transiting in the personal chart, as well as any aspects it makes, and what if any aspects are currently being made to natal Saturn. With Merc not just retro but still (for a day) within quincunx of Sedna, communications may be especially hard to grasp and thoughts to collect in any coherent fashion. Note what comes forward but make actions modest; anything not under consideration before the Merc retrograde should be tabled for a later vote.