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A different kind of Cardinal by Baraschudts 1900 {{PD-Art}} Wikimedia Commons

Cardinal energies get their first boost around 1 PM PST with the Moon’s T-square to the Nodal axis and Pallas, which is conjunct the NN. The emotions want to ‘make it happen,’ and there’s an acute awareness that guidance and the smarts to do ‘it’ are available; the difficulty may be seated in a loose Grand Square that’s in weak effect and triggered by our emotional attention. It’s Jupiter/ Uranus opposed Juno/ Moon tangling with the Nodes and Pallas, and it jangles our nerves and puts a need for spontaneity and acting out into conflict with what we know to be a better course. It’s a bit of a showdown, with our impulsivity threatening to disturb our most positive direction. With Mars squaring the midpoint of h. Zeus/ Saturn, our aggressive energies and ego desires to have an impact could be our undoing–take care with expression as what’s done will make a lasting impression that we may spend some time trying to undo.

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