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A card deck from the French Revolution, with Kings replaced with thinkers from the past, Queens replaced with ideals

The Full Moon for January occurs at 1:21 PM PST on the 19th at 29 Cancer 27. My sense of this is that it’s almost more important than the New Moon eclipse was, as it promises, simply by its degree and aspect type, a culmination that is at a crisis stage. We have the tension of both the Sun/ Earth axis and the Moon–these are vital energies that are all in crisis at once–identity, Soul, and life-blood, material/ physical as well as our connection to the body, to sustenance and the shaping of our surroundings, and the emotional/ intuitive, with its facility for sensing, feeling, knowing, without words, images, or other cues. It says, in short, that the senses of the world will be one big open, well not wound, perhaps sense organ, would be a better designator, though exaggerated nerve would also do, considering that the Full Moon’s trine to Jupiter is within two minutes, and the trine to Jupiter’s long-time companion, Uranus, is within the two degree orb. This happens in the element of Water, making it even more feeling and sense-oriented than we might be able to imagine–it’s more like a dream, reflected by the quincunx the Full Moon makes to Neptune and his long-time companion, Chiron–and that takes the dream not just to an emotional level, but to a primitive one, where the primal Chirotic urge is stirred and the imagination, and the connection to the Cosmic and to the Collective, take it from there.

Juno is also involved, in sextile to the Moon, making it all hooked to empowerment, and giving that empowerment need a life-or-death feel, making it a demand. So what we have is likely an overwhelming emotional atmosphere that may make us feel frightened, wounded, lost, isolated (or conversely, lost in the vastness of the Cosmos or the Collective identity), fed to us through the mucous membranes, the nerves, though hallucinogens, alcohol, drugs, through dream or dream-like states, through illusion or fantasy, through the group experience, and all overlaid with the sense that this is an emergency, that we must feel effective.

The Sabian for the Earth/ Moon conjunction is ‘A Daughter of the American Revolution’  and the symbol for the Sun ‘A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs’ How does this translate for the individual?

Since we are all at the mercy of decisions made by those who hold the power, and anytime we don’t agree we are cast (besmirched) as some form of revolutionary (read: threat to the existing power structure, if only through our disapproval) then we may experience our own version of feeling (remember, this is a Full Moon at 29 degrees) brace yourself, inside the power structure. Even though we might logically think this would bring an experience of alienation and isolation (and undoubtedly for some, this will be the experience as they project a sense of elitism onto the world that surrounds them) it in fact will pinpoint our own revolutionary lineage–we find our place in the power elite, as the descendant of privilege–we find where we are in charge of the world, from whence we gain our power, we find our global power ‘clan’–and unexpected, emotion-charged, and sensation-filled will be our Full Moon experience.

ECLIPSE Readers, see the complete forecast explanation under ‘Pages’ at right–Water water everywhere (and some places, ice!) stay safe, and have a wonderful Full Moon!

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