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'The Girls in the Boat' Edelfelt 1881

The story here is a slew of bodies posited within just 56 degrees, starting with the Moon at 13 Sagittarius as the 29th begins here in the Pacific time zone. Next is Venus at 23 Sag, Vesta at 00 Capricorn, North Node at 2 Cap, Pluto at 6 Cap, Pallas at 15 Cap, Mercury at 21 Cap, Sun at 9 Aquarius, and Ceres and Mars both at 10 Aquarius. It makes me think of a boat on the sea, with all the passengers rushed to one side (probably to see something–Sag; to grab a seat–Cap; and to lead the group or follow a friend–Aquarius!) It weights the Universe in a direction that seems highly interactive, demanding of our energy and attention, focused in a very small portion of the natal chart. Where this gathering stretches across your chart is the place that will be jumpin’–or, will make you jump! It’s a command to think hard, work hard, and reach out–the challenge will be to respond adequately to the Universe without nursing a feeling that we’re being distracted–we’re instead being pointed in the right, momentary direction.

As to the Moon, she’ll sweep over these energies through the 2nd of February, touching off each one, asking that we give them our attention, one at a time. Today the focus is on Venus–relationships, values, and finances all come under scrutiny from within and without, and we may find ourselves facing a lot of questions about how well our current circumstances are serving our needs in these areas. Venus in Sag naturally makes us think of ways to expand her influence–and now we’re looking for a little Self-empowerment, as well (Juno opposed Uranus).

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