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'I Shall Conquer This' Rowlandson 1787 {{PD}}

By 6:30 PM Pacific the Moon is conjunct Juno, and quincunx Mercury–this could indicate a little verbal fencing in an attempt to establish a power position. Will this be harmless? No, first off because the emotions are seated in the material situation (Virgo Earth) so that any insecurities in this regard come to the surface and fuel the aggression–then we have Merc in Aquarius, acting all cool and intellectual and detached–and adding more fuel to the fire with the ‘It doesn’t really involve me’ routine. By 8 PM the Moon quincunxes Mars and the armaments come out. Are we all that serious about gaining that empowerment foothold? Probably not, but all our buttons will have by this time been pushed–and without some perspective we may not back down as we really should. By 10 PM PST the Moon is opposed Uranus and quincunx Neptune–uh-oh, if we haven’t reined in the horses by now we could be in some trouble, as we insist on going to extremes and rebelling from any semblance of co-operation or reasonableness! And any misunderstandings, deceptions, or delusions may be very quickly adopted as justification or shelter from the argument. Not a pretty scenario, if we let our emotions carry us away.

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