The devil may tempt you in unexpected ways 'The Devil by the Pot' Hugo Simberg 1897 {{PD-Art}}

The Moon squares Neptune, 1:30 AM PST, and we are faced with the usual bogey-men: delusion, deception, disappointment (for those times we get a glimpse through the Neptunian fog!) and negative or unrealistic fantasy (as opposed to fantasies that could be!) This is followed quickly by the Moon’s final aspect in Scorpio, a trine to Uranus, making it easy to rebel, innovate and invent, get with the group, or make it all academic, at one remove from real life. The combo of this one-two punch need not be too harsh–remember, both these influences in their negative forms are like the devil: he can’t make you do something, you have to succumb to your own willingness to participate in a less than honest way.

Of course, Merc/ Sun is sextile Pluto–we can’t help but see and know things others might prefer we didn’t–use what you receive wisely, and with an eye to how you might want things to play out if you were on the other end of things–as with someone else, you might be :) Also, h.Zeus at 13 Libra is square Vesta at 13 Capricorn; this might prompt us to be too reverent of our own and others ambitions and desires–or it could make us challenge others, feeling we know what should be revered! A touchy vibe, all around. The Moon sextiles h. Zeus by 4 AM of the 25th, bringing aid as to the ‘correct’ approach via the emotions.

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