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It's not a day to let pure emotion power you! Artist unknown {{PD}}

I’m going to skip the Lunar picture for today (it’s just not terribly compelling) in favor of a few bits about the recent Mars/ Chiron meet-up. It brought forward a lot of passive-aggressive interaction, attempts to wound dressed up in New Age garb/ or academic authority and ‘rightness’/ or as being new and innovative (all Aquarian forms) and characterizing those who resist as Self-absorbed individuals (negative Leo) blocking progress–and all this is designed and presented in such as way as to make it so we are unable to respond without looking like we’re the aggressors! (Ah, the power of passive projection!)

But, the way to meet this is to adopt a Jupiter in Aries attitude; become the warrior unafraid of freedom, of expressing, of showing the social sphere exactly who we are. The key is honesty–with yourself, with others, in all you do–along with a true intention of harmlessness. Adopt these and it’s like being some kind of superhero; not only do the aggressions of others bounce harmlessly off you, but you are moved to change your own interaction approach, as well–and bring about some extraordinary healing by taking out-of-the-ordinary actions (a perfect expression of Mars/ Chiron in Aquarius).

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