Raffael 1519 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

The Sag Moon makes only two more noteworthy aspects before it leaves the sign: a square to Juno just after midnight Pacific time, then a square to Uranus at 29 degrees, by 9:30 AM PST of the 26th. This period may in some way encapsulate our current personal struggle (and whether we have been conscious of it or not, we have been in a struggle of sorts, where in some form we have been figuring out our relationship to the group or to a larger entity that feels like it wants a piece of us). This effort to work out our interaction with something larger (and this may simply be our psychic perception of the entity, not a reality) has been taking a toll, especially on our nerves (Uranus at 29 degrees). What we see at this point will pinpoint the heart of the matter, and lay out our personal dilemma–see what’s presented, and believe what you see, as the resolution of this could mark a turning point in several Uranus and Juno related areas.

By 5:30 PM Pacific we’re energized (sextile to Mars) but we don’t really hit our stride until about 12:30 AM PST of the 27th, when the Moon conjuncts Pluto, squares Jupiter, and is within sextile of the Sun. This brings a very serious moment, likely keyed to matters of the House where Pluto is currently transiting: we see ‘it’ clearly, and our emotions ring true as bells. Can change us, in some way that stays forever after–so take care.

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