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Thinking of our friends in Japan with tonight's massive earthquake C. Bartlett 1916 {{PD}}

From the newsletter:

We’ve already had a taste of this starting in late May of last year; now, Uranus enters Aries on March 11th at 4:50 PM Pacific. It makes two aspects, a sextile to Pallas at 00 Aquarius and a sesquiquadrate to Saturn in Libra, and both should inform Uranus’ Aries Point manifestation. If the Aries Point is a major point of inception, where the pure, Archetypal Uranus energies move from concept into reality, then perhaps we should be comparing our own Uranus energies as they manifest as both concepts and realities. I know that’s a tall order of Archetypal thinking when we’d all really just like to pull up a chair on the verandah and sip a mint julep and listen to the crickets as evening falls, but it will only be to our benefit if we can recognize at least some of the potentials for Uranus’ material presence–and these will certainly be keyed to his natal presence in our charts–otherwise, he’d show up in the same guise for everyone.

A few loose guidelines: if the Aries Point (00 Aries) in your natal chart is below the horizon (the axis of the Ascendant/ Descendant), then Uranus will likely appear as a concept first, and/ or as an internal perception or awareness–an idea will be the thing ‘born’; if the Aries Point in your natal chart is above the horizon, then you will likely see materialize or be presented with a Uranian manifestation in very concrete terms, and probably very suddenly. Remember, the passage of Uranus into Aries is a ‘birth point’ of sorts, with all the blood, mess, squalling, sudden emergencies, and tender feelings entailed in any birth very likely to appear to some extent.

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As Jasmine has kindly pointed out in the comments for the 10th, it’s definitely worth checking Theodore White’s Global Astrology for enlightenment on current events.