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It'll be a foggy kind of day. 'Place du Theatre Francais in the Fog' Pissarro 1897

It’s a day that rides along on the steam of the Pisces Moon–or maybe that’s the mist or fog of the Pisces Moon–and the prevailing energies may be ones that would be much more subtle if not for the empty (though Neptune-generated obscuring) field they have. This means we may be distracted, confused, unsure, relaxed, intently creative, wandering, or mad escapist. Energy is provided by Mercury quincunx Juno, and Ceres quincunx h.Zeus. These two aspects bring forward some mild but persistent irritation; communication may be a delicate minefield where we pick our way through the bouncing betties of pride, who holds the power, and status, while the influence of the maternal and/ or of authority jockeys with ambitions and desires for the last say.

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*A bouncing betty is a particularly nasty mine that, when triggered, ‘jumped’ up to a height and detonated, causing maximum devastation over the widest possible area

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