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Since Juno is the consort/ wife of the supreme ruler, I thought a look at Kate Middleton’s Juno would be in order (9 January 1982 no time known Berkshire UK). Though Kate’s not a Queen Consort yet, she’s almost certain to be one in future–in fact, her Juno, at 16 Sagittarius 46, will be within orb of conjunction to her natal Capricorn Sun by Solar Arc in less than two years–possibly signaling the point when this occurs (though the orb stretches out to as much as 4-5 years from now).

Literal ascension to the throne of England aside, Kate is effectively attaining the potential for this position, and locking in her status, tomorrow with her wedding to William, ostensibly second in line to the throne; but with each passing day the possibility that his father’s reign will be short (by choice or circumstance) or that he will step aside altogether in favor of his popular son, grows. It’s not unlikely, then, that Kate could be a Queen sooner rather than later.

There are really only a few things to talk about centering on Kate’s Juno; it’s conjunct Vesta and Neptune, all in Sagittarius, sextile Pallas, and square Zeus (this latter is the most intriguing part–we’ll get to this last). Since a time of birth is not publicly known, I drew a noon chart, which suggests that if she was born anytime around noon local time, she has a Finger of God with apex Juno and arms quincunx of Chiron and the Cancer Moon–and there is defnitely a Finger of God with the same members but replacing the Moon with (or adding to the Moon, if this is close to the Moon’s actual placement) the Earth. Apex Juno says that Juno empowerment and status will be attained once the material Purpose (what’s needed in the surroundings in order to fulfill the Soul/ Sun Purpose–shown by the Earth) and Chiron in Taurus (indicating the primal wound, likely seated in security, especially the material variety) is sufficiently dealt with and the Chirotic skill accessed (again, of a Taurean nature, such as the ability to procure, comfort, or enjoy the sensual and material)–and the Earth and Chiron dispositions are working in harmony–and with all that Earthiness, they seem to be! So, a prime condition for realization of her Juno has been met.

If the Moon is involved in the Finger, it may suggest that an intuitive emotional understanding of material and security needs may drive things–just figurative royal icing on the cake, at this point. The conjunction to Vesta and Neptune suggest the nature of the Juno empowerment will involve glamor and illusion, ideals, to include those things she finds most sacred, home and hearth, and the sex life–kind of a ‘Duh!’ here, isn’t it? But this also points to the way her Juno is specifically empowered through the domestic situation and sex life (Vesta). In Sag Juno will be a kind of Ambassadress, a teacher if by nothing more than example, with ‘reaching out’ both a goal and needed expression–perfect for a Royal role; and the sextile to Pallas offers wise guidance–possibly evidenced by a lack of ‘skeletons in the closet’!

The most intriguing aspect, to me, is the square Kate’s Juno makes to Zeus. This is a point I started using almost by accident, and how it was come up with, I don’t know, it’s part of my Solar Fire program, and it was pointed out to me that it is not the asteroid Zeus (update: I have since discovered that its the hypothetical point  further update: the ‘corrector’ was wrong–it is the asteroid!); but I’m convinced of its accuracy and usefulness–and isn’t that what we’re looking for in bodies and points used in astrological analysis? Yes it is.

This square is like a frantic shout, an ‘Uh-oh, trouble ahead’ in any chart, but in the chart of a future Queen consort, Juno’s literal role in the myth, it’s a huge red flag; what can it mean? The Queen of Olympus (Juno) is in conflict with the King of Olympus (Zeus), who is both her husband and her brother, and as well her sovereign. And what is the conflict in the myth? It is several things, the primary one being infidelity on the King’s part, with secondarily a commensurate disrespect shown toward Juno as both wife and Queen, with her attempts to empower herself (by vengeful plots and issuing orders, mainly) largely ignored by all. But how literally can we take this? Perhaps it only symbolizes the harshness to be expected in taking on a role that is both extremely public and highly symbolic–one’s husband cannot and will not shield one from what is essentially a marital duty, in this case. There is the possibility that this shows actual infidelity–after all, that’s a time-honored tradition of Royalty everywhere, and certainly has direct precedent in Will’s father’s behavior–so the question becomes, how far did this apple fall from the tree? Eventually, we’ll find out.

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