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Just playing with words: dual/ duel by Repin 1899 {{PD-Art}}

4:30 PM Pacific and the Moon trines Pallas, and begins a Grand Trine where it will move on to contact Mercury by trine in Gemini. This grouping will last through 9:30 or so PDT, and promises excellent emotional communication; we’ll know what to say, how to say it, and read ourselves and others accurately. If you have something to tell someone, now’s the time.

By 11:30 PM PDT there’s a new Grand Trine formed, with the Moon, Sun, and Vesta. This illuminates who we are, how we feel, and what’s important to us; we consider to what we dedicate our lives, and can draw direct parallels to our identity and choices. This is an affirmation of the Soul’s purpose; if we aren’t busy seeing the way our values have played out in our lives, then we may want to re-consider both what we’ve chosen and how we see ourselves.