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Don't be distracted by Plutonian elements. By Bouguereau 1894 {{PD-Art}}

1:30 PM PDT the Moon squares Pluto, and this may bring forward some concern about the much-ballyhooed Cardinal Cross. Over the next 10 days the transiting Sun will fill in with Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn, and bring a lot of attention to this dynamic; but in reality, there is an ongoing, loose Cardinal T-square, not a cross, and this suggests that some may be sacrificing attention that should go to the T to a ‘problem’ that doesn’t really exist. The Moon hitting Pluto and aspecting the other components will perk up the emotions, then the Sun’s path will illuminate the T. We need to focus on the T and particularly on the interaction of matters represented by the trio of Houses in the natal chart affected. A T typically creates a dilemma wherein the arm of the configuration (in this case, Pluto) pulls attention away from the resolution of the opposition. So, Plutonian matters, or matters of the House where this is transiting, can act as a significant distraction from the uniqueness v. conformity, rebellion v. tradition, innovation v. the rules, and the myriad personal ways this can manifest. Uranus v. Saturn is the real issue. Don’t forget this, when Pluto pulls you under.