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We may don our most natty fighting gear with the Moon in Aries. Wahlen 1843 {{PD-Art}}

Just before 5:30 AM PDT the Moon sextiles Pallas; this may feel like we’re suiting up for a fight, but in a good way :)

8 AM Pacific the Aries Moon squares Mercury–now we know what we were putting on armor for! Expect a quarrel (or even a p*ssing contest) over who cares more, who gives more, who sacrifices more–and this should let us know exactly who sees guilt as a handy tool.

4 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Vesta, grounding our emotions in our highest values and in our home life and committed, intimate relationships–should be a nice feeling that allows us to put down the Aries Warrior garb for a few minutes and get our emotions on straight (to mangle a certain saying!)

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