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Be careful what you overthrow; you never know with what it might be replaced 'The Belgian Revolution' Wappers 1830 {{PD-Art}}

Uranus squares the Sun/ Earth axis right now, Jupiter trines Earth in Earth, and Mars quincunxes it. We may feel ambushed, in the largest picture sense, and feel a real desire to DO SOMETHING to right the material and asset scenario we see before us. There’s a little of the revolutionary in our attitude–but that’s no guarantee that what will replace the current situation will be an improvement. Consider that wanting more, or wanting to change society as a whole (the two biggest impulses associated with this) are both a little grandiose, in the sense that there are reasons we’re where we are and society’s where it is. Instead of railing madly (always tempting) we’d do better to improve on our own part in things, to offer our best, and to soothe our own little corner of the world.

Relax, and try to channel the Aries Moon Void energy in a constructive but minor direction (which may incline us to poke at things randomly, like a Warrior without energy or cause) until 1:53 PM PDT when the Moon enters Taurus. As usual nowadays, it starts with an aspect to Neptune, a sextile, making us just a little deluded about the material situation and possibly about our own assets. It’s easy to think something, a talent or a thing, belongs to us when it really doesn’t. Vet all claims against previous experience before shouting from the rooftops, “Look what I can do!”

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