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By Javichu el jefe Used under license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

We start July off with, what else? That third eclipse! It’s a Solar (New Moon) eclipse, at 9 Cancer 12 on July 1st at 1:53 AM Pacific Time. As usual, we stick to a tight, 2 degree maximum orb–but are overruled by a compelling configuration.

Though it’s slightly outside our usual parameters, the fact that this is an eclipse begs for the inclusion of a Grand Cross, made up of the Sun/ Moon combination opposed Earth/ Pluto, squared by the Saturn/ Uranus opposition; no other bodies fall within our strict two degree, major aspect rule. What does this indicate?

The most obvious implication is that the eclipse kicks off a Cardinal Cross ‘crisis’–but crisis just means some combination of stress, opportunity, and action–the important part might be that, with the Sun/ Moon filling in the Cardinal T-square to a Grand Cross, it funnels the power and energy of an eclipse into an extant aspect–and possibly blows it up.

The most likely manifestation dynamic is this: the crisis will be set off by some matter of the House in the natal chart where the eclipse itself falls; this will in turn ‘light up’ the Cardinal T. In the most general terms, we are likely to see in our lives change to structures, rules, or boundaries and/ or partnerships that seemed permanent or permanently stuck in the present form, with the ‘revolution’ driven by a unique expression of Self-Will, or by the way the individual is compelled by the group.

The Sabian for the eclipse degree is: ‘A Large Diamond in the First Stages of the Cutting Process’ This suggests it’s either the start of a process that will bring forward some facet of ourselves we’ve never before known we possessed or it will bring forward a new matter (or life situation or structure, possibly in relationship) about which we will care in a major way (Cancer placement).

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