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The Coffee Pot, Bedford Pennsylvania, on the national historic register, photo by Jeff Kubina from Columbia Maryland, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

8 AM Pacific brings the Moon sextile Saturn; we put a lid on it, and that’s good, right now. Time to pull back, sit down, and maybe just listen. Just before 10 AM PDT the Moon quincunxes Earth–now we see why pulling back was a good idea: we’ll get intuitive or feeling ‘information’ on the material situation–and with our emotions ‘stilled’ by the Saturn contact, we’re capable of receiving it loud and clear. If you find yourself confused at this point, it suggests something other than intuitive knowledge is being input–most likely from someone hoping to steer you in the direction they want you to go.

By 11:30 AM PDT the Moon opposes Pallas and sextiles h.Zeus. This may put us in a bad spot: the emotions and intuition are, at this time, resistant to and separate from what we know to be wise, yet the ambitions and desires are stirred–a recipe for bad decisions. Being aware (if you choose not to give in to temptation) is all that’s needed here.

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