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A beautiful pic of a pair of visible-light telescopes in the Atacama Desert, Chile. By ESO/José Francisco Salgado (josefrancisco.org) Published under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Thanks, José!

Happy Birthday, USA! I hear you’re having a Pluto Return. Since no human gets one of those, it’s hard for we mortals to relate to just what might happen–after all, we have no frame of reference, but we can guess that this might be a doozy, with massive change to all that we’ve established. A new Self-image for the US of A is almost certainly on the table–the big question might really be, what will we become?

Just before 5 PM Pacific the Moon quincunxes Ceres, both at 29 degrees. This may bring a major need to de-stress; everyone needs to feel they’re their own authority (that’s natural and reasonable) but the thing is we may be feeling this factor strongly with others, too–we are too aware of the authority they hold, and we react as if they’re wielding it, and we’re threatened, whether they are or not. Not exactly a party atmosphere, for all the US 4th celebrators! The best we can do is make a conscious and ongoing effort to realize that, in the vast majority of interactions, no threat to our personal sovereignty is involved. It’s really just a matter of keeping reasonable perspective, which may be nigh on impossible :(

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