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Mantegna 15th century {{PD-Art}}

4 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Mercury (with Venus at the midpoint) and squares Juno. The picture becomes one of tense communications over relationships or finances, with the goal of empowering ourselves. Tip-toe at this time; we (and everyone else on the planet!) could be drastically over-sensitive, hair-trigger crabby, and a wee bit Self-destructive, with so much tension in the Gemini Lunar Air.

The Moon/ Juno aspect never perfects (which might promise not a single empowerment urge fulfilled); Juno slips out of her 29 degree 59 minute position into Libra–you can almost hear her sigh with relief (or at least, with the feeling that she might have some fun and get a little support from a partner), can’t you? Juno changes sign at 4:33 PM PDT, meaning that the Moon goes from having a potential aspect with the Queen of Olympus to having only a conversation with Mercury as they bounce Venus between them (and they’re tense and too rough with her, really).

Void begins at 5:37 PM PDT, with the Moon entering Cancer at 6:11 PM PDT.

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