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Flegel 1635 'Still Life With Stag Beetle' {{PD-Art}}

By 7:30 AM PDT the Capricorn Moon trines Sedna. This happens in Earth, and we may lose our emotional connection to what surrounds us. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we typically ‘relate’ to our environment–not consciously, but through a sort of truce or vibe to the things that make up our world. A truce if the item is something that might endanger or threaten us, while  we vibe to (or at least make peace with) all the things in our surroundings–we ‘like’ them, perhaps identify with them, use them, and sometimes feel indifferent to them, and most of this is not done at a conscious level. At this point we may lose that connection, which typically orients us in a very mundane way–so be ready to lose your bearings, just for a bit.

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